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At Hereward Primary School, all the children from Reception to Year 6 are placed in a team in their class. Sometimes children change teams when they go to a new class to ensure there is a balance of team representation.


We have four school teams. These are named after birds found in Epping Forest. The idea for this came from a School Council survey conducted by the pupils themselves in 2012.


Our teams are:

Goldfinches (Yellow)

Kingfishers (Blue)

Robins (Red)

Woodpeckers (Green)


The children receive team points within their class (and around the school) for a variety of reasons. These could be for positive behaviour, improvement in an aspect of their school work, good manners and courtesy and many other reasons. In each class, the points are added up and collated each Monday morning. A special assembly is held to award the Team Points Cup each week. The team in each class with the most team points for the week receives 4 school points, the second 3 and so on. These are all added together with the result that a team is the winner across the school for the week. On the Home Page of the website, you can see the weekly results of this. Each class across the school has a turn in hosting the Cup for the week.