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Reading Passports

At the beginning of the year, we were thrilled to announce our new reading initiative 'Reading Passports.'  Our new reading for pleasure project helps to introduce new, exciting and diverse texts to the children.


How Do Reading Passports Work? 


Each child from Reception to year 6 are issued with a 'Reading Passport' booklet which we ask them to fill throughout the year. Each term, the children are being asked to read 6 texts from their selected list. Once they have read a text, they must review the book in their reading passport and choose their next! This will accumlate to each child having read 18 new texts for pleasure by the time summer rolls around! At the end of each term, those that have read 6 texts and signed their reading passports will be entered into a raffle, with the chance to win an exciting prize! Books are available in class, but we also discuss with all children the benefits of using local libraries to borrow books for a period of time. 

Reception 'Reading Passport' Books

Year 1 'Reading Passport' Books

Year 2 'Reading Passport' Books

Year 3 'Reading Passport' Books

Year 4 'Reading Passport' Books

Year 5 'Reading Passport' Books

Year 6 'Reading Passport' Books