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All members of the Governing Board work together to make important decisions about how the school is run and how to best ensure that all pupils receive the best possible education to achieve their maximum potential. The Governing Board accomplishes this by performing these key tasks:


  • Holding at least three meetings per year plus 'special topic' meetings
  • Noting term dates for the academic year and agreeing INSET Days
  • Receiving reports from the Headteacher, SENCO and information regarding Child Protection and Safeguarding pupils
  • Agreeing the school budget and major expenditure
  • Reviewing and monitoring test results and assessment information
  • Monitoring the attendance of pupils
  • Reviewing, adopting and monitoring all policies
  • Agreeing pupil performance targets
  • Reviewing, approving and monitoring the School Development Plan
  • Ensuring that matters arising from OFSTED inspections and other evaluation processes are considered and 'action planned' as appropriate
  • Reviewing annually the delegation of functions and committee structures
  • Organising support and training for Governors
  • Acting as a 'critical friend' to the school on all matters