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Hereward Primary School in Loughton organised a special 'Magic Moments Morning' recently to enable the children to spend the morning with peers from different year groups learning about money and financial management.


The children learned valuable lessons about sources of money and its uses, as well as how to make simple financial decisions related to saving and spending.


Representatives from Santander also visited Hereward to provide workshops to pupils. Andrew Cull, Branch Director, expressed how successful the morning was and how engaged and polite the children were.


Year 6 pupil Nathan said: “I really enjoyed this morning. I now know how to look after money and I have realised that I’ll need to save for my future wants and needs.”


Mathematics Co-ordinator Miss Knezic said: “It was a fun and enriching morning. Children were able to understand that the prudent use of money is relevant by co-operatively participating in a range of activities related to it.”

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