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Our annual ‘Health Week’ was conducted recently with many different activities which the children participated in. These included a karate session from one of our club providers, Rob Fresco. As well, the pupils took part in an ‘Ultimate Dodgeball Tournament’ to raise money for for the British Heart Foundation and the school. The competition was fierce and thoroughly enjoyed by the children. The winning teams were:

  • Rec C - 'The Green Gorillas'
  • Rec D - 'The Green Corvettes'
  • Year 1 - the 'Blue Heroes' of 1B beat the 'Blue Dashers' of 1D in the final.
  • Year 2E - 'Groovy Goldfinches'
  • Year 2J - 'Amazing Blue Dodgers
  • Year 3 - the 'Red Roses' from 3G beat the 'Green Wizards' from 3H in the final
  • Year 4 - 'Gold Squad' from 4B beat the 'Blue Blubbers' from 4H in the final
  • Year 5 - 'New Legacy' from 5C beat the 'Royal Dodgers' from 5L in the final
  • Year 6 - the 'Winner Catchers' from 6K beat the 'Dodgimals' from 6D in the final


In addition, classes learnt more about healthy eating and making correct choices in areas such as brushing our teeth and the importance of exercise.

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